A place with untouched nature, with beautiful surroundings, with a scent of the mountains in the Stolické Hills, lying in the Revúcka highlands, between the towns of Hnúšťa and Ratková, in a 750 meter elevation above sea-level. This place will fill you with unbelievable energy and will grave itself deep in your soul. The nature surrounding our recreational facility will fill you with comfort and will allow you a perfect relaxation and rest in any season of the year.

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A settlement with 32 inhabitants, where time appears to stand still, showing its visitors elements of folk culture. The first reference of this settlement is from 1427. The village is a part of the Ratková and Surroundings Micro-region. Its picturesque cottages, placed where all roads end are in a contrast with the hundred years-old little houses, collapsing under the burden of time, thus becoming a part of history, a history you can be a witness of.